12/13/19 PEARLS (Pediatric EducAtion Research) Lunch Series

Location: Egleston Classroom 5 - 7

The Pediatric EducAtion Research Lunch Series (PEARLS) was created specifically for and by coordinators and research nurses working in Pediatrics Emory and CHOA.  Formats for sessions will vary and include panels, a single speaker, or multiple speakers.  All sessions will be followed by a discussion or questions and answer. 

Conducting clinical research studies can be complex and it’s common for teams to require the support of ancillary service departments to successfully carry our clinical research procedures. 



Nadine Spring, Director, Clinical Trials, Emory

Jack Goldberg, Research Coordinator, Radiology Department, CHOA

Joan Lipinski, Manager, Echocardiography service and the CIRC Lab, CHOA

Cheryl Stone, Lead Research Nurse, Pediatric Research Unit, CHOA

Cali Hulsey & Bethany Watson, Laboratory Research Coordinators, CHOA

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