11/14/19 Researcher Survival Skills Workshop

Location: Emory Student Center Multipurpose Room

The new Researcher Survival Skills workshop series is designed to provide researchers with the skills they need to succeed in academic medicine.  Not only will we discuss traditional skills such as manuscript and grant writing, but we will also address lab/research team management, people skills, navigating research administration, and other topics not covered in professional school.  We suggest that you consider this series a curriculum where each session builds on previous ones, but you are welcome to attend individual sessions as you see fit.

"Grant Writing Workshop"

To win NIH grant funding, the ability to clearly, critically, and effectively communicate your proposed research ideas is essential. In this workshop, you will learn the NIH grant structure and grant review process, be able to use key elements of grantsmanship to help you win funding, and have confidence in your ability to execute your plan. With specific focus on NIH R grants, you will learn to strategically design your grant writing timeline, organize your proposal, meet new NIH grant requirements, and much more


Susan Marriot

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